Bono Says Entrepreneurial Capitalism Is The Answer to Africa’s Poverty

After decades of working to bring aid to Africa’s poor, Bono says that entrepreneurial capitalism is much more effective when it comes to raising people out of poverty than aid is.

“Rockstar preaches capitalism, wow! Sometimes I hear myself and I just can’t believe it. Ahhm, but commerce is real. That’s what you’re about here. It’s real. Aid is just a stopgap. Commerce, entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid of course, we know that.” — Bono

Here’s a video with the full quote:

Refreshing the Look

Every now and then there comes a time when you’ve just got to give your website a completely new look. It’s not like anyone will notice this time. My so called “personal” blog has been effectively dormant for years now.

I’m considering giving it a little attention.

Regardless I decided to give the site a new look. Because I pretty much work exclusively with the Genesis framework these days obviously I had to use a Genesis child theme for this. Even though we have a ton of great Genesis themes over at Web Savvy Marketing I decided I didn’t want as much of a business theme.

So instead I’ve gone with Sixteen Nine from StudioPress because it’s bloggier.

We’ll see how it all plays out.

Decker’s Healing Video

This video is powerful. There is a lot about healing that we don’t understand. Yet Tom, Lesley & Mary Decker have experienced first hand that God still is in the physical healing business.

As a side note, from my perspective these aren’t some unknown strangers in this video. Gorgeous & I have gotten to know the Decker family and spent a fair amount of time with them over the past several weeks. They’re just regular folks who got their heads into the Bible and chose to believe what God said there.

Check out the video for yourself.

Kooky Conspiracy Theories

Walking on the Moon

The moon landings were faked by the government??

I am amused by conspiracy theories.

Whether we’re talking about the moon landings, the JFK assassination, the 9/11 attacks, or the president’s birth certificate, some people just can’t accept the official version of events. Because everything doesn’t add up or fit into neat little stacks they assume that there must be some great power behind the scenes pulling the wool over a gullible public’s eyes.

And it’s not a new phenomenon either. There are people who believe that the execution and burial of Jesus was faked and covered up too.

What amuses me is the mental gymnastics people will go through to stitch seeming anomalies together and how they explain away the obvious answers.


The thing is conspiracy theories require too many people to be able to keep the secret. Secrets are notoriously hard to keep, especially within government bureaucracies.

Speaking of the government, conspiracy theories assume the government is this super organized, highly efficient and perfectly capable organization. In my own experience working with the government on both the civilian and the military side of things it’s not like that at all.

Usually conspiracy theories have at least one, but usually several, wild conjectures that, while plausible, are completely unsupported with any factual evidence.

Conspiracy theorists usually have a need for things to have a logical cause and for everything to make sense. In life, however, people sometimes do things for irrational reasons and there are times when things really don’t make much sense.

Plus there are often alternate explanations for events that can fit the available facts.

Because all that is true, I decided to make up my very own conspiracy theory about the recent killing of Osama bin Laden. I was inspired by the episode of NCIS Los Angeles that aired this week where they staged the fake death of one of the characters. Here it goes.

Bin Laden Is Still Alive

What if they staged Bin Laden’s death and he wasn’t killed at all. (Stay with me on this even though it sounds a bit kooky.)

You see, Bin Laden is know to have used decoys to confuse the US and others chasing him down.  According to my theory the US actually captured one of the decoys but didn’t tell anyone about it. Say they held onto to him, locked away in secret, until they actually found the real Bin Laden.

Then this past Sunday they capture the real Bin Laden and kill the decoy, who no one knows was being held, so that everyone thinks the real Bin Laden is dead. That way they can interrogate Bin Laden at their leisure for as long as they like because everyone thinks he’s dead.

He’ll be a treasure trove of intelligence for years to come.

Fitting the Facts

My bogus theory fits the available facts.

It gives a good reason for the 25 minute video blackout. It explains why Bin Laden’s wife says he surrendered and then was shot afterward. His wife didn’t see him die, only his daughter did.

He could have been captured, taken out of site for a few moments, then the decoy brought in and killed.

This theory also explains why the US needed to dispose of the body quickly and why they don’t want to release the photos. Since they captured Bin Laden they have DNA for testing.

It also could explain the wildly changing stories coming out of the White House. It fits perfectly with Obama’s slip of the tongue when he talked how we “captured and killed” Bin Laden.

As far as conspiracy theories go, I think mine is a pretty good one. It only calls for one completely unsupported conjecture. And that one is even relatively plausible.

Story Rights

I expect someone in Hollywood will begin working on the screenplay very soon. (Oliver Stone, perhaps?)

Hopefully they’ll remember to send me my royalty checks. ;)