Spam Attack

UPDATE: Apparently the spam problem wasn’t on my end at all. The program I use to get handle on it (Askimet) experienced down time. It happened to coincide with my updating to a newer version of WordPress. Go figure.

ProBlogger and BloggingPro both wrote about the problem this morning. I’m glad I wasn’t dealing with their traffic levels yet, eh? Scores of spam comments are relatively manageable compared to thousands!

Please bear with me. I’ve been having some technical issues over the last couple of days.

Part of my problem has been a spam attack here at CREEations. I normally get scores of spam comments every day here. I have a good safeguard that has been shutting them out cold.

Stack o' SpamUntil a couple days ago, that is.

They were all getting through like I had no protection at all. It was disconcerting.

At first I thought somehow the comment from Dot a couple days back might have something to do with it and I even considered deleting the comment finally to see if it would help.

But I think the problem had more to do with the fact that I just upgraded to the new version of WordPress, which is the core software which runs everything here at CREEations, at about the same time.

Somehow with the upgrade my anti-spam thingy forgot to come back online.

It took a while, but fortunately I think I resolved that issue finally. In the mean time I was frantically checking in ever couple of hours to delete the dozen or so viagra ads and such that were flooding my comments sections.

Oh, and I have been working to format an add-on Library function over at SuccessCREEations, so this weekend was busy behind the scenes. The Library is close to being ready to go live. Just a little more tweaking…

Hope you have a wonderful day today.


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