Life Equals Change

Yesterday I was sent to a local distribution center for one of my wife’s favorite retailers to survey some furniture that was damaged during shipment. I actually had to put my jacket on for the first time this season.

It’s funny how the weather seems to go here in Savannah. The temperature has dropped almost 30 degrees since late last week. Last week I was on vacation and my sister came to visit. She and I drove down to Jacksonville to check out their zoo and it was nearly 90 degrees. We were dying walking around for the day. And then the other night (right after she left) we had to bring the plants in to keep them from getting frosted at night.

Life is like that. The one consistent thing that we can depend on in life is change.

When you think about it, change is almost one of the defining characteristics of life. Infants grow up. Aging is a part of life. In our society we move from place to place, change jobs frequently.

I was thinking about change and I ran across this passage in Ecclesiastes

I have seen the burden God has placed on us all. Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end. So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can. And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.

And I know that whatever God does is final. Nothing can be added to it or taken from it. God’s purpose is that people should fear him.

It’s got me thinking.

What are the things that truly matter in this life?

People matter. There is no doubt about that.

And of course God matters. But he’s a person too so really God is already in that category even though he certainly deserves special mention.

As far as I can see it, all the rest is, “oh, by the way..”

What do you suppose the implications of that are?

Maybe all the stuff we chase as important in our lives really shouldn’t be such a priority. Hmmm….

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    Great post. So often people lose their way and chase after stuff that does not matter. Even non-believers, towards the end of their lives, look back and realize that they should have spent more time with the people that matter to them — usually meaning their family and especially their spouse.

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    Hi Tariq! Thanks for bringing me back to this post. I’m in a very busy season of my life right now and I needed the reminder. Fortunately for me there have been several reminders like yours this week.

    God is like that. Sometimes He bashes us over the head with a brick to get our attention. Other times (like this week for me) He gently nudges us and we wake up to what He’s saying.

    People are the priority! :)

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